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Ibiza 2013: The Complete Collection (2013)
House, Progressive House | Attention Germany
256 kbps | MP3 | unmixed | 2013 | 06:54:10 | 792.67 Mb
01.Skaei - Tonight (extended)
02.Michael Fall - She’s All I Need (feat Barry Tone - Michael Fall remix)
03.Divkid & Digitalife - Divlife (Fyor remix)
04.Afrochuck - Electro House Anthem (instrumental)
05.Coolys Hotbox - Friend Of Mine (Rob Hayes club edit)
06.David Caruso - U Turn Me On (US version)
07.The Sublovers - Can’t Stop (dub mix)
08.Chris Kaeser - Open Up Your Mind
09.Spencer & Curtis - Tripppd
10.Mykel Mars - White Beach (Crystal Blue Sea mix)
11.Lloyd Aleveque - Losing My Mind (feat Kerensa Weber - extended)
12.Balearic Kings - Say Oh! (instrumental)
13.Vin Vega - Hello (Massimo Russo Terrace mix)
14.Mike Rules - Going Crazy (extended)
15.Uebermut - Mayan Girl
16.Chris Kaeser & Benny Royal - You Got Me Moving (feat Natalie Konan - Club Mix)
17.No Panties Allowed - Lets Dance Tonight (club mix)
18.Multisound - After Midnight
19.Nothing But The Beat - Killing Me (Mykel Mars instrumental)
20.Dr Kucho! & Funky Truckerz - Dancin’ Shoes
21.Tino Ecra - La Virtud
22.Carlos Russo - Fire (Patrick F instrumental mix)
23.Summa Funkaz - Feel The Sunshine
24.Tipsytom X Kayoed - Solidgold
25.Trendmonster - Maiden’s Tower
26.Sven Laakenstyk - Oslo (Stereoliner remix)
27.Suite 610 - Istanbul
28.How-E - Strange Friend (Alex I nsert remix)
29.The Lost Disko Superstar - Philadelphia (house mix)
30.Guckk - Hammer
31.Cobrazar - Damaged
32.Ruben Sanchez - Play Uncensored (Crisdeluxe remix)
33.Martin Letitgo - New Age
34.Dastro - Procrastination
35.Bass Robbers - Back 2 The Oldskool
36.Eric Van Basten - Breakbot
37.Matthias Schenk - Loneliness (feat Lia - Sebastian Hilgenfeld remix)
38.Corsario - Sun Dail (Amanda Dinner For Two mix)
39.Educe - Educe
40.Petri Petro - Warratah
41.Fabio Amoroso - House Of Jesus (feat Henry Pass - Armatrag mix)
42.F&E - Here Comes The Boom! (feat MC Renegade)
43.Ferhat Saygi - The Power
44.Cristian Deklic - Wrong Connections (Hakan Akcan remix)
45.J & V - Brazilian Sound (Naxwell remix)
46.Fabulous Addiction - Ticket 2 Ride (extended mix)
47.New City Hustlers - Your Nite
48.Daniel Brooks - Move With Me
49.Artcraft - Outback
50.NOX - Monotonus
51.Max V - Elektro
52.Edgar Sallent & Ram Way - The Speech
53.Rusty Villiers - Disco Boy (Taz remix)
54.Alivo - We Are One (Alivo club remix)
55.Imperfection - Lies
56.Ruslan Tishenko & Ruben Urgal - Sky (feat Skelitor - Borja Jimenez Remix)
57.Angrykid & Alexander Martel - Melt Down
58.Don Gorda Project - Sunbrella
59.R Double - Beat Conductor (Misha G remix)
60.Collective Sound Members - Dance With Me (instrumental)
61.Martin Krauel - Second Rescue
62.Digital Mike - Silent Beach
63.Markus Engel - Just A Moment (The Pulsarix Sunset remix)
64.Stereoliner & Nuff - All Over The World (Nuff mix)
65.Palladium - Andromeda
66.Jack Jamming - Singularity


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